Art Career Project: Artist Spotlight Feature

In Autumn 2018, our founder Brian Schwab was interviewed by ’The Art Career Project’, an outfit known as a trusted resource for emerging and professional artists. During the interview, Brian was asked some simple questions like ‘What is responsive web design?’, and some personal topics including ‘Describe a day-in-the-life of Brian.  The complete article has the entire Q&A session.

When we were originally contacted to do the interview, Brian was not only honored to be asked to share his insights, he was also excited to tell more of his story. And in our line of work, being an open-source type of artist and developer is our way of passing along the knowledge and experience to those coming up in the industry….very much how My Media Designer was and continues to be built.  We hope you enjoy the complete interview. CLICK HERE

Fun Fact – Brian’s father Ken Schwab is a 35 year retired Art Teacher from Leigh High School in San Jose and was also interviewed for the Art Career Project, you can view his interview here – Ken Schwab, Art Instructor

Credits: The Art Career Project article written by Tammi Edwards, published Nov 9, 2018

Brian Schwab - Graphic Designer
Brian Schwab - Graphic Designer

Brian loves family.

Brian Schwab -Website Designer

Brian loves to dance.

Brian Schwab - Multimedia Designer

Brian loves Disneyland.

Written by Carl Foisy