Partnerships with Purpose

Written by Carl Foisy

Here at My Media Designer, we receive several inquiries from people, groups, and companies that want to ‘partner’ with us. Some are cool and some are funky, and some are big and some are small, but in all cases, we do our best to give everyone a chance to pitch their plans or ideas to Brian and Carl.

Ya see Brian and Carl have heart. They both cut-their-teeth professionally in the customer service and sales worlds before getting deep into marketing and media. They and have a refined appreciation for people out hustling because they’ve both done the same. So they give time and attention to those who reach out and can quickly determine if a partnership is fit for My Media Designer or not.

In every case, with decades of experience which helps guide us on how and when to participate with partnership opportunities.  Some of the cool partnerships we’ve forged over the years are with big companies like GoDaddy, allowing us to share discounted rates for hosting, etc with the business, we work with.

Some are smaller tech businesses that helped us create our well-rounded Accessibility solution, giving web users with disabilities the accessibility tools they need to use websites and video videos with ease. These partnerships are cool because they benefit those we work with, make the work we do more complete, and adds overall more value to the type of company My Media Designer is.

Here’s a good example. We had a small marketing research company reach out to us with several praises on our work while offering a free opportunity to be featured in their newsletters. When we replied for more info, they asked us to add ‘A LINK’ to an existing article, like this article here, and use the keywords ‘hp zbook vs elitebook’ and “how to measure brand awareness” in order to be featured. So we realized this could be pretty simple, and we continued to play along by adding this info to this post here. Will it play out? Who knows. But we’ll see if their claims are legit. Nonetheless, it’s a partnership we’re willing to entertain because it seems harmless.

If you have a partnership idea or plan, reach out to us. We’re interested in partnerships that benefit the local businesses and industries we support.  Not every partnership will be a fit for My Media Designer, but for those that are a fit, we’re happy to explore.