Time is Money

We Understand that Time is Money

Written by Carl Foisy

Offering professional services to locally owned businesses, we believe our rates are fair for the quality of our products and results. We respect the age-old phrase ‘Time is Money’, and very much like those we work with, we fully understand the importance of quality of work and length of time it takes to handle business. For both time and money, we’re very confident in what we do and how we do it.

The scaled rate card we created makes it easy for business owners to understand where they can save money, while getting what they need. As for the time we take to handle projects, thanks to our experience, we can handle things quicker and more efficiently than most. This is precisely why we track our time in as little as 0.1-hour increments AND provide support on all of our services for those we work with. If we can do it, they can use it.

The most common question we receive, no matter what service the inquiry is for, is ‘What does it cost?’. Unlike a tool from a hardware store, we don’t have a fixed price for our services. We have created some introductory pricing for our websitelogophotovideo and graphic design services, but these rates are ‘starting at’ and it’s not uncommon for those we work with want more. What’s nice, is that as we continue to build our services, sharpen our skills, and mature with the times, we continue to provide those who hire us top quality service and results, quicker and more affordably than the others. For us, it’s all about sustainability.