The World’s First Masks for Meals Program

When the pandemic hit, it affected several locally owned businesses My Media Designer helps in the restaurant industry. Brian and Carl instantly jumped into action helping them all pivot into alternate working models and the new industry practices. Taking action and helping adjust was easy for Brian and Carl because they both have a deep-rooted love for the restaurant industry, being they both worked over a decade in business.

In the early weeks of the mandatory shutdown, we registered knowing that someday My Media Designer could use the URL to do some good for the restaurant industry and community. After being in the trenches with restaurant workers for a couple of months, and being inspired by what some restaurant owners and groups were doing to help provide meals for restaurant workers, Brian and Carl outlined a plan to make the World’s first Mask for Meals program.

So we’re proud to say that is now live and will be using 100% of the profits from selling reusable masks, to purchase meals from locally-owned restaurants, for restaurant industry folks who are underemployed or unemployed. We have high hope to build connections for this program further than our Silicon Valley, but for now, we know that our contribution has the potential to help in many ways.

Visit and Join the Movement. We’re Stronger Together.

Q: What does 86C19 mean?

A: In the restaurant industry, 86 is a term used when an item is eliminated…..and the C19 part is a self-explanatory term for the pandemic…Essentially we want to eliminate Covid 19, and we’re using reusable masks to do so, AND using the profits from mask sales to support locally-owned restaurants, AND to provide meal relief to those affected in the industry, AND helping reduce the impact on landfills by promoting reusable masks. It’s a win-win-win-win situation… too can help at

Carl Foisy

Written by Carl Foisy