Working Well With Others

Written by Carl Foisy

While offering a highly functional suite services , our little two-person boutique agency has proven to bring success to each company we work with.  Not only are we hyper-flexible with our solutions, but we also take pride in being efficiently effective with all of our work. When companies engage us, our core goals are to listen, assess, propose, and if hired, we get to work.

Listening and asking questions is essential to know what the business wants. This first step is a ’no-brainer’ and key for us to become part of the team in general. With decades of experience, assessing the actual situation comes easy to us, and sometimes can expose unexpected needs. With a few strokes of the keyboard, and using a few nifty internet tools, we can find out more helpful info, adding to our technical assessment.

Brian Schwab and Carl Foisy

When we outline and propose plans, we aim to achieve goals while staying in line with the rules of engagement and core fundamentals. Our methods for estimating jobs come directly from tens of thousands of hours of past experience. Each project and job is always different, and since we record our work in as little as 0.1 hour increments, it’s crucial for us to outline and expose the projected time(s) we believe it would take to complete a project. And thanks to our transparency and tracking practices, we know how long things take to complete.

As for executing projects and/or bringing ideas to life, we leverage our knowledge and talents to produce top-quality work and outcomes. Everything from brainstorming and producing, to reviewing and refining, we focus on helping companies succeed. In every case, we keep the company we’re helping’s best interest in the spotlight. Best interests especially for time, money and final product….because we know these are very important factors.

Sometimes a company will hire us to handle everything from design to deployment, while others only use us for direction and coaching. We work well with companies this way. Together we decide who does what, and how. In some cases, hiring us can eliminate the need for a company to hire a full-time employee, while in other instances a company will hire us to assist and coach their internal teams and employees. And in every case, no matter what the situation, we will not hesitate to use all of our talents for those we work with to achieve goals. We have long-term relationships with the businesses we work with, and we believe its thanks to our flexibility, understanding, and that us two San Jose fellas simply work well with others.

If you’re looking for a reliable local agency to help your company, it all starts with one call or email. Give us a call 408-661-4578 or SUBMIT YOUR PROJECT or CONTACT US with questions.