Carl’s Thoughts on Marketing & Social Media

Written by Carl Foisy

Carl Foisy

My Media Designer’s Carl Foisy has been publishing articles on his personal website for a few years. He writes about different topics that he’s passionate about, and today we’re sharing some of his Marketing and Social Media articles from 2021. We hope you enjoy!


The Great Exclamation Point – An overview on how, why and when to use one of the most expressive punctuation.

The Bottomline on Over Hashtagging – When intent and relevance aren’t a priority, hashtags become spam. Change my mind.

Hard Earned Money & The Art of Buys Ads – Money doesn’t come easy to local businesses, and should be spent wisely on advertising.

Locally Grown Organic Marketing is Essential – From Word-of-Mouth to digital outreach, its important to focus on locally grown organic marketing.

Respect and Love Your Audiences – Its all about recognizing and understanding that different audiences deserve different attention and respect.

Only You Care About Your #BusinessName – Carl is clearly passionate about hashtags, but mainly about a hashtag’s intent and overall reason for being used.