Why We Do What We Do & How ASAP Works

Written by Carl Foisy

We love ASAP requests

In our quest to help as many quality local business owners thrive as we can, the success of My Media Designer will always come down to our ability to do the job correctly with quality, efficiently with care, and most commonly requested, ASAP.  We love what we do, and continue to sharpen our crafts by way of good practices and awesome first-hand experiences. We also love those we work with because we care about locally owned businesses, the communities, the people, and the families they support.  “When it comes to taking care of business, we are fully aware that the need for ASAP work is part of the gig, and so we give those who hire us direct access to support on an ASAP and ‘as-needed’ basis.’ Brian Schwab

We do what we do because we enjoy what we do, plus it’s clear that there is a need for our services in the local business and organization community.  If you have no idea of what we do, CLICK HERE and take a gander at our services, but in 2016 when Brian and Carl left their ‘day-jobs’ working for ’the man’, and decided to ‘level-up’ My Media Designer by offering goal-achieving solutions to their business connections, it was because they understand, and can deliver on, what a local business owner needs, wants, and occasionally has no idea about. Being that every business and organization that works with My Media Designer is personally taken care of by Brian and/or Carl, the quality of work is constantly high and projects are handled in a timely manner.

“We work this way with business owners to guarantee our quality of work, and since ’time-is-money’, we don’t want to waste either time or money.’” Carl Foisy

As digital marketing and media experts, Brian and Carl follow ‘Quality Over Quantity’ methods that have helped them win no matter the reason or season.  As local small business owners themselves, Brian and Carl take pride in providing high-level transparency and ‘white-glove’ style services at reasonable and sustainable rates. As for ‘How ASAP Works’ for My Media Designer, it’s easy. You call us, and we handle it ASAP. If you’re interested in our help or need some help ASAP, you can call us during business hours Mon-Fri 9a-5p at 408-250-8066 or CLICK HERE to submit your project direct.

My Media Designer LLC


– Helping locally owned businesses thrive and practicing what we preach. In 2020 we won an award for ‘Best Web Developers in San Jose‘, and since we primarily focus on San Jose, Silicon Valley businesses, we were super happy to receive that acknowledgment. As of 2021, we continue to improve our offerings by introducing Living Websites to our bleeding-edge loving community and expanding our digital equality solutions and security features. With a quick phone call, we can figure out if we’re a good fit to help your business.