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It’s not uncommon for an older company to want a new logo. When this is brought to our attention, we like to ask the question ’Should we refresh the logo, or totally redo the logo?’. For an existing company, introducing a new logo is way more involved than just changing a logo on their website and ordering some new business cards. It can also require major costs for vehicle stickers, signs on the building, apparel, any swag, all business documents, and more physical things. It’ll also require significant effort to inform everyone of the brand change, forcing legacy relationships to re-familiarize themselves with a new look.  A major change in brand and identity could cost a company a lot of money and mindshare, and this is one reason why we like to recommend a brand refresh over new logo development.

It’s funny how logos work. In the early life of a logo, they are considered cool and cutting edge. After a few years, they become memorable. And when a company makes it to double digits in age, its identity becomes more comforting to those who see it. After years of doing business, company owners and veteran employees can become blind to their company’s actual identity, as the image of their logo is not seen as exciting as it was in its earlier days. Public perception of older brands can have different effects too. For example, an old, unchanged logo, can send signals that the company is old and stuck in its old ways. It can also send the message that the company has a lack of care for the way they are seen in regard to improving and innovating.  A refreshed logo not only gives a company a fresh new look without breaking the bank, but it also maintains the integrity of the brand, while keeping legacy perceptions intact.

Since a company’s reputation is one of its most valuable assets, instead of completely rebranding a business and totally changing its identity, our logo refresh process saves more than just money and time, it’s here to save the day. Refreshing a logo allows a company to affordably and effectively switch things like signage on buildings and logos on business documents over time, without introducing a major identity switch or potentially causing any unwanted change in reputation.

In every situation, we can help. We’ve developed new logos from the ground up, have refreshed dozens of logos over the years, and have a few major rebrands under our belt. We know what it takes to create and maintain winning identities, and we work diligently to achieve goals with the local businesses we work with. If you’re looking for some help on this topic, give us a call or Contact Us.

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