Best Brand Awareness Agencies in the World

Written by Carl Foisy

It’s always a pleasure to find our business listed as one of ’The Best’ in a marketing category, and even more-so when the list covers global options. In this case, Design Rush included our company on their list of The Best Brand Awareness Agencies in the World for 2022, and we’re pleased to announce that we’re the only agency listed and headquartered in San Jose, the Capitol of Silicon Valley.

Design Rush had some nice things to say about us:

‘The company has spiraled into an all-encompassing branding agency that helps businesses create on-brand websites, successful social media strategies, advertising campaigns and much more. Having quite a few awards under its belt, you simply cannot go wrong when opting for My Media Design to be your go-to branding agency.’  …READ FULL ARTICLE

Getting the news that My Media Designer is 1 of 15 agencies in the World to be worthy-of and listed for Best Brand Awareness Agency is humbling, and a solid reminder that when you do good work, goodness comes back to you.