The Evolution of Business Cards

In today’s covid-aware world, there are several new conversations happening about the relevancy, need for, and future of Business Cards. We’ll start by saying that as of today, My Media Designer believes that business cards are still relevant. We understand they aren’t as essential as they once were for businesses, but they are indeed relevant and very useful in specific instances.

Business Card Designs

Early in our career, we can remember attending a busy networking event and running out of business cards before the event ended. It was the worst feeling ever. We eventually resorted to finding any piece of paper or napkin to write our phone number and info onto. I think we can all agree that a scribbled napkin doesn’t portray a brand or business in the best light, and can become trash sooner than later. This is just one example of why we believe business cards are still important.

We also recognize there are reasons why the future of business cards could be short. Beyond the world’s new post-pandemic touch-awareness and hesitations, we must consider the waste and environmental impact. Yes, we have recycled paper and biodegradable ink options, but even these efforts might not be sustainable over time. We must also not forget the rise in Digital Business Cards. And while the technology of Digital Business Cards isn’t new, the methods to use Digital Business Cards most efficiently aren’t being as easily adopted by enough people to make sense for global use. But still, even with a digital business card application, you’re really hoping the other person will have the same app, and when they don’t, you should have the real thing on stand-by.

In all cases, we’re confident that business cards will continue to evolve. We use clever techniques, fun technology, and good’ ol tried-and-true know-how to make sure the business cards we design are useable and sustainable, all while having a design that will leave a lasting impression. And since business cards are still a direct marketing tool, we’ll continue designing custom business cards for the ever-changing world we live in.