The MMD Before & After Effect

We’re proud to have helped a number of locally-owned businesses improve their web presence over the years. We believe that a website can become your company’s hardest working employee running 24/7 365 days a year.  A website should portray the true integrity and reputation of the business it represents. Here below are a few new website projects that we’ve completed in the last year or so.
Website Re-Design

West Coast Architectural Sheet Metal

– New build from top to bottom. Everything from content editing, in-person headshot photography, and content marketing planning, this project was very straightforward. We completed the project in less than 45 hours. Now West Coast ASM can tell its story much more effectively and start to build its digital legacy. Plus, and we know we’re bios, but their website looks way better now.
Website Re-Design

Axis Construction Inc

– This began as a consolidation project and after roughly 60-hours of work, it turned into a living, breathing masterpiece. As we developed this new website, we introduced some living website features and organized the company’s services and portfolio pieces in a much more beautiful way. Moving forward, Axis Construction can allow their website to work efficiently for them in everything from receiving client requests to hiring more team members.
Website Design Services

Hock Bratcher LLC

– Locally owned businesses mature. So when Mr. Hock decided to partner with Mr. Bratcher, and turn Hock Company into Hock Bratcher, they contacted us and we had no problem helping them along every step of the way. Not only did we create their new logo, we also developed them a functional and modular website all within 50-hours. Since we’ve launched their new brand and website, making announcements and small refinements for customers has been quick and easy. But most importantly, when client referrals visit the new website, they feel more at ease and confident to submit an inquiry to become a new client.
Website Design Services

My Media Designer LLC

– Helping locally owned businesses thrive and practicing what we preach. In 2020 we won an award for ‘Best Web Developers in San Jose‘, and since we primarily focus on San Jose, Silicon Valley businesses, we were super happy to receive that acknowledgment. As of 2021, we continue to improve our offerings by introducing Living Websites to our bleeding-edge loving community and expanding our digital equality solutions and security features. With a quick phone call, we can figure out if we’re a good fit to help your business.