Websites Need On-Going Maintenance

Just like mobile phones or computers, websites require updates and maintenance to function effectively and go the distance.   In the past, static websites could last for a while, but times have changed with today’s mobile population outnumbering the desktop population by far.

Today, MMD designs websites using WordPress which is a dynamic open source content management system.  These websites used multiple plugins that need to be updated constantly to run effectively.

Owning a website is still a relatively new concept for locally-owned businesses, and many establishments lack a website altogether, but we’re here to help and make it easy.  Nowadays, websites require ongoing attention.

We help our clients comprehend how websites operate in a similar fashion.  Websites need updates, not because they are broken, but for a multitude of reasons such as improved loading speed, enhanced security features, browser compatibility, and device responsiveness are just a few examples.

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