Do you actually have a logo, or just a .JPG?

MMD vector vs jpg

More frequently than we like, the business owners we work with will send us their logo, and most of the time they provide us with a .jpg file, which unfortunately is not a logo file. We must understand that a .jpg file is a flattened file that has a set width and height, making the file too rigid for us designers to create something professional-looking. A typical .jpg is 3 x 4 inches, and way too small for print. If a designer is forced to use a .jpg logo file, the end result will more than likely be blurry and/or pixelated…Not ideal.

When we exhaust searching all files and email archives for the correct logo file and have no luck connecting with the original logo file creator, we eventually recreate the logo file from scratch, because we designers do the best work with original Vector files. And since we are working with small business owners, it’s a top priority to help them look as good and professional as they can.

A vector file is a design file that uses mathematical formulas based on the X and Y axis and is produced in vector design software. Yes, it can get slightly confusing, but for example, with a vector file, a designer can open the file up in their design software and the designer then can set any width or height to any size they need. So when the business owner requests a design for a Billboard, which is very large, the designer doesn’t have to dread stretching a 3 x 4-inch .jpg file to be 48ft wide. Which we can all agree would look horrible. Having the Vector logo file allows us designers to create beautiful-looking graphics, that business owners want to see, and are happy to pay for.

So if you are in a situation where your business logo is just a .jpg, consider having us convert it into a vector graphic so you can use it for anything, from screen printing to large-scale designs, to anything you need. We at MyMediaDesigner proudly offer Logo Restoration, ReBranding, Logo re-design, and NEW Logo Creation Services. If you need help with any of this, contact us today for a free consultation.

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